Which Artist Called Ray Charles The Only True Genius in Show Business?


Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra
Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra (Flickr)

Frank Sinatra called Ray Charles “the only true genius in show business”. There’s a long history of mutual respect between the two musical giants.

Sinatra’s praise wasn’t just a casual compliment. Ray Charles, often referred to as “The Genius” himself, embodied the term in a way that transcended genre.

Blind since childhood, Charles possessed an unparalleled musical aptitude.

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He soaked in the sounds of gospel, blues, and jazz, weaving them into a revolutionary blend that became the foundation of soul music.

His powerful, raspy vocals and innovative piano playing defied categorization, captivating audiences across racial and social divides.

Sinatra, the undisputed king of crooners, likely recognized a kindred spirit in Charles.

Both were storytellers through song, injecting raw emotion into their performances.

While Sinatra championed the Great American Songbook, Charles pushed boundaries, incorporating elements of R&B, country, and pop into his repertoire.

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This mutual respect was evident in their occasional collaborations.

They joined forces on the 1962 album “Thanks for the Memory,” a collection of duets featuring classic standards.

The chemistry between them crackled, showcasing their contrasting yet complementary styles.

Sinatra’s admiration for Charles’ genius went beyond musical talent.

Charles overcame significant adversity, losing his sight at a young age and navigating the racial prejudice of the time.

Despite these challenges, he rose to superstardom, a testament to his unwavering determination and artistic vision.

This tenacity undoubtedly resonated with Sinatra, who himself had clawed his way to the top of the music industry.

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Their friendship, though not extensively documented, offered a glimpse of mutual respect between two titans of American music.

Sinatra’s declaration of Charles’ genius wasn’t just hyperbole; it was a recognition of the profound impact Charles had on music and the cultural landscape.

Charles, in turn, embodied the spirit of innovation and artistic freedom that Sinatra himself championed.

Their shared legacy is a testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries and forge connections, even between the brightest stars.

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