Which of These Songs did Paul Anka Wrote for Buddy Holly?


Buddy Holly and Paul Anka
Buddy Holly and Paul Anka (50sspirit)

Out of the songs you might be considering, Paul Anka wrote “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” for Buddy Holly.

Paul Anka’s songwriting for Buddy Holly stands as a fascinating moment in music history, a brief collaboration that yielded a poignant and enduring hit.

In 1958, a young Anka, already a successful teen idol with hits like “Diana,” was looking to expand his songwriting repertoire.

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Meanwhile, Buddy Holly, a pioneer of rock and roll, was eager to explore a more ballad-heavy sound.

Their paths crossed, and Anka, recognizing Holly’s talent, penned “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” specifically for him.

The song, a melancholic yet strangely hopeful ballad about moving on from heartbreak, resonated with Holly.

He recorded it in October 1958 with Anka even present during the session.

The collaboration was a meeting of two musical minds at a crossroads.

Anka, transitioning from teen pop to more mature themes, and Holly, yearning to showcase his versatility beyond rock and roll’s energetic pulse.

The song’s release in January 1959 was bittersweet. It became Holly’s final Top 20 hit in the US, climbing to number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Tragically, just weeks later, Holly perished in a plane crash, leaving the music world reeling. “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” took on a new, heartbreaking layer.

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The lyrics about overcoming heartache felt imbued with a tragic finality, a poignant farewell from a young talent gone too soon.

Anka’s generosity in the aftermath of the crash further cemented the significance of their collaboration.

He donated all his royalties from the song to Holly’s widow, a touching gesture that acknowledged the deep impact Holly had on him and the wider music scene.

“It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” remains a testament to the power of songwriting.

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It’s a beautiful ballad that showcased a different side of Buddy Holly and served as a stepping stone for Paul Anka’s evolving musical style.

The song’s enduring popularity speaks to its ability to connect with listeners on a personal level, a quality further amplified by the tragic circumstances surrounding its release.

It’s a reminder of the fleeting nature of life and the enduring power of music to capture a moment in time, even amidst loss.

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