Who Premiered Sticks & Stones on Netflix in 2019?


Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle (deadline)

Sticks & Stones, the 2019 stand-up comedy special on Netflix, was premiered by comedian Dave Chappelle.

While Netflix itself didn’t premiere the content (they are the platform it was streamed on), Dave Chappelle created and performed the stand-up routine featured in the special.

Sticks & Stones was Dave Chappelle’s fifth Netflix comedy special, following a string of successful releases on the platform in 2017.

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The special arrived on Netflix on August 26, 2019, and quickly garnered attention for its bold and controversial humor.

Chappelle tackled a wide range of topics, from gun violence and the opioid crisis to social justice movements and celebrity culture.

Here’s a deeper look at the impact of Sticks & Stones:

Critical Reception

Reviews for the special were mixed. Some praised Chappelle’s unfiltered approach and social commentary, while others criticized the offensive nature of some jokes.

Despite the controversy, Sticks &Stones sparked conversations about sensitive issues and cemented Chappelle’s status as a provocative voice in comedy.

Social Commentary

The special sparked discussions about free speech and the boundaries of humor.

Chappelle’s willingness to challenge social norms and poke fun at sensitive topics resonated with some viewers, while others felt he went too far.

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Sticks & Stones remains a significant entry in Dave Chappelle’s comedic repertoire. It highlights his willingness to push boundaries and provoke conversations, even if it means sparking controversy.

The special serves as a time capsule of social and political issues in 2019 and continues to be debated and analyzed by comedy fans.

Overall, Sticks & Stones stands as a testament to Dave Chappelle’s comedic talent and his ability to generate conversation through humor.

While not without criticism, the special solidified Chappelle’s place as a leading comedic voice and continues to influence the genre.

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