What is generic structure of discussion text?

Generic structure of discussion text

  • Issue: Discussion texts are born because of issues. Therefore, the main structure in a discussion text is the issue.
  • Argumentation: Argumentation is a statement to reject or support the issue being discussed.
  • Conclusion: Conclusions are drawn from the ideas expressed in the discussion between arguments in favor of and arguments against the issue being discussed.

What is a discussion texts?

A discussion text is a type of writing that presents multiple perspectives on a particular issue or topic.

It’s like a written conversation, aiming to inform readers about different viewpoints and arguments surrounding the subject. Here are some key characteristics of discussion texts:

  • Presents multiple viewpoints: A discussion text doesn’t simply state a single opinion as fact. It acknowledges that there are different ways of thinking about the topic and explores these contrasting views.
  • Provides supporting arguments: Each viewpoint presented should be backed up with reasons and evidence. This could include facts, statistics, expert opinions, or personal experiences.
  • May not have a conclusion: Unlike persuasive writing, which aims to convince the reader of a particular viewpoint, discussion texts may not have a clear conclusion. The goal is to present the different sides of the issue and allow the reader to form their own informed opinion.
  • Here’s an example of a discussion text topic: “Should social media platforms be held responsible for the content posted by their users?” The text would explore arguments for and against this idea, presenting viewpoints from both social media companies and users.

Here are some places where you might find discussion texts:

  • News articles: Articles that explore complex issues often present different perspectives.
  • Academic essays: Essays that analyze a topic will often acknowledge and discuss opposing viewpoints.
  • Debates: Transcripts of debates can be seen as a form of discussion text.
  • Online forums: Online discussions can explore various viewpoints on a topic.


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