Exposition Text | Definition and Example

What is the meaning of exposition text?

Exposition text is a text that contains paragraphs or essays with a variety of pieces of knowledge and information presented briefly, concisely, accurately, and, of course, easily understood.

Exposition paragraphs or texts have real and scientific properties, so they can be said to be non-fiction texts.

So we can find exposition texts in several written works, such as magazines, newspapers, or online media, which are in the nature of exploring facts in a short form of writing with reliable data.

Example of exposition text


The Crown of God medicinal plant has been known and popular since the time of the ancestors. This medicinal plant has a myriad of properties to heal wounds, both external and internal wounds, and maintain a healthy body.


With so many properties in this plant, many health products use it as a basic ingredient.

According to some experts, the crown of God plant has many benefits that were never expected before, including:

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This plant can prevent various types of cancer, such as lung cancer, brain cancer, and even uterine cancer.

The Crown of God medicinal plant can also treat several seasonal diseases such as diarrhea, malaria, itching, stomach pain, and so on.


Based on the research of these experts, it can be concluded that the medicinal plant known as the “Crown of God” can not only cure internal diseases but also external diseases.


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