Review Text: Definition and Example

Definition of review text

Review text is text for reviewing or assessing a work, whether a movie, book, or so on.

This assessment has the purpose of knowing and informing the quality, strengths, and weaknesses.

Not only to convey personal opinions, review texts also function to inform the public at large about what is being reviewed.

If the writing is positive, then the product being reviewed will get a positive response from many people.

Review text is used to criticize events or art works for the reader or listener, such as movies, shows, books, and others.

General structure of review text

  • Introduction: General information about the text to be reviewed.
  • Evaluation: Give their assessment of the product.
  • Interpretative Recount: Conveys various views of a work or product being reviewed.
  • Summary: Contains the assessment or essence of the artwork being criticized.

Example of review text

Review Harry Potter and The Sorcerer Stone

  • Although translated from English, the language style used by the author is very straightforward and simple, so that the meaning to be conveyed is easy to digest.
  • The presentation of conflict and climax is very interesting, leaving readers satisfied with the story’s conclusion.
  • The characterization of the anagonist and antagonist is described clearly and in detail.
  • has a flot (flow) that is organized and interconnected so that the cause and effect can be easily analogized by the reader,
  • The events told are easy to imagine, simple, and fantastic, as if the reader really witnessed and even participated in the adventure in this story.
  • interspersed with humor and silly actions from the supporting cast so that it is very entertaining and does not bore readers.

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