What is Anecdote Text? Definition, Generic Structure and Example

Anecdote Text
Anecdote Text ( Catalog)

What is Anecdote Text?

Anecdote text is a short story with humorous elements and the intent to criticize.

Generally, anecdote text are about public services, politics, the environment, culture, the economy, and social issues.

Anecdote text itself must be real and about facts. So if you want to write an anecdote text, usually the writer must experience firsthand what he will raise in an anecdote.

Generic Structure of Anecdote Text

  • Abstract: Unique description of the text.
  • Orientation: Discusses the background of the events that took place.
  • Crisis: shows interesting and unique problems that wouldn’t happen in real life.
  • Reaction: Unique and interesting problem-solving.
  • conclusion: The author will give the conclusion of the story, usually including the character’s decision to solve the problem.

Purpose of Anecdote Text

Share stories about unusual events of a humorous nature to entertain readers.

Example of Anecdote Text

One day, Nana was working on an assignment that was piling up and had to be completed within a week. She was confused because, at the same time, she had a family event that she could not leave. Then he had an initiative.

At the same time, Vira wanted to borrow money again from Nana, who knows how many times she has borrowed money and has not received it back.

“Can I borrow money again?” asked Vira in a slightly pleading tone.

“How much vir?” Nana inquired.

“One million only.” “What, that’s enough to pay your debts, and you want to borrow more, so let’s do it this way, but there are conditions: you complete my assignment a week later, and I will lend you money, how?””Do you agree?” asked Nana.

“All right,” Vira replied with a slight frown.

One week later, when Nana’s assignment was finished, Vira asked Nana for a loan. “Na, your assignment is finished, so I can borrow money from you, right?”

I’m sorry, Vir. How much do you owe me? One million, right? Well, yesterday you did my assignment as payment because you didn’t want to repay your debt. Nana firmly explained by insinuating her friend

Vira, who was listening, could only remain silent.

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